Meet the Spain Experts


Family Life and Residence

We start by considering getting the right location, for schools, shops, community and good areas. Residency and healthcare are the keys to living here and our experts will explain your options. Then you can save way more than the cost of this course with some tips about saving money. Enjoy...

Andrea Robson

International Schools in Spain

Andrea Robson

Head of Primary St Georges Madrid

Andrea will talk about school selection, integration, languages, qualifications and current issues facing young peoples education.

Andrea will talk about...

  • When to start planning
  • International or Public Schools
  • Integration
  • How to apply
  • When to apply?
  • Qualifications
  • Support from Schools
  • Challenges
  • Building on basics

Alex Radford with
Paul Payne


Non EU Residnece in Spain

Alex talks with Paul Payne Sales & Marketing Director at Masa International about residence opportunities for non EU people.

Alex & Paul will talk about...

What are the first steps to buying a property?
What sort of fees are involved?
Using an independent lawyer?
What are the different area taxes?
What about ongoing fees and payments?
What else do I need a lawyer for in Spain?

Paul Correa

Spain or Gibraltar Residency


Wealth Management

Paul talks about the differences between being resident in Gibraltar and Spain and the various tax advantages of Gibraltar.

Paul will talk about...

  • Differences between Gibraltar & Spain
  • Tax Advantages
  • Obtaining Residency
  • Double Taxation Agreement
  • Being tax or non-tax Resident
  • Post Brexit Treaty with EU
  • Case Study

Maxine Raynor

How To Save Money In Spain


Personal Finance Expert

Maxine has a website devoted to saving money in Spain and shares her best tips and tricks for living in Spain without breaking the bank.

Maxine will talk about

  • Economics of Spain
  • Getting the best utilities and tariffs.
  • Currency exchange rate and banking.
  • Scams in Spain aimed at foreigners
  • Consumer rights.
  • Who can help you?
  • National and EU consumer organisations.
  • The complaints book

Heidi Wagoner

Life and Visa's for U.S. Citizens


Author, marketeer, immigration Consultant

Heidi has detailed knowledge and experience visa process and has helped hundreds of US families to realize their dreams and come to live in Spain.

Heidi will talk about...

  • Understanding how Spain works
  • Taking a gap year in Spain
  • Retirement with a simpler lower cost life
  • Getting through the hurdles
  • Planning the move
  • Obtaining residency
  • My top Tips
  • Coaching and ebooks that may help

Cat Gaa and Hayley Salvo

Spanish Visas for Non EU Citizens


Relocation for non-EU Passport Holders

Cat and Hayley are experts on Spanish Visas for non-EU Nationals. Both came to Spain to teach English and they cover the different types of visas.

Cat and Haley will talk about...

  • Dealing with Spanish red tape
  • Guides from their first-hand experience.
  • Teaching abroad
  • How to stay in Spain long term.
  • Student Visas
  • Retiree Visas
  • WorkingVisas
  • Golden Visas

Georgina Shaw

Children From Birth To School


Working Mum in Spain

Georgina talks about her experience of being a parent in Spain, from having a baby to applying to schools and dealing with the state education system.

Georgina will talk about...

  • Having a baby in Spain
  • The Spanish Health Service
  • Being a Working Mum
  • Childcare
  • School from 3 Years Of Age
  • Selecting and Applying to Schools
  • Spanish Style of Teaching
  • State V Private
  • Top Tips

Rebecca Laurie

Funerals in Spain

Rebecca Laurie of Avalon Funeral Plans

Funeral Specialist

We talk about to Rebecca Laurie of Avalon Funeral Plans about topic which many people don’t want to know about - what happens when a loved one dies in Spain.

Rebecca Laurie of Avalon Funeral Plans will talk about...

  • What happens when someone dies in Spain?
  • The Spanish Health Service
  • How do Funerals differ in Spain from other countries?
  • Can dispel some some popular myths about Spanish funerals
  • How can I protect against unexpected costs?
  • Difference between funeral insurance and a funeral plan
  • What happens with the funeral plan if I leave Spain
  • What are the costs of a funeral in Spain

Lisa Sadleir

Family Life in Spain


Relocation Consultant & Property Finder

Lisa wrote the book “Moving to Spain with Children” and specialises in relocating families to Spain. Lisa talks about the practical matters important to families with children of school age.

Lisa will talk about...

  • Moving to Spain as a Family
  • Finding Your Ideal Property
  • Research and Planning
  • Type of school
  • Bilingual options
  • Healthcare options
  • Money Matters
  • NIE & Residency

Carrie Frais


Mum Abroad

We talk to Carrie Frais of MumAbroad, one of Europe’s leading English language websites for international families living in or relocating to Spain, France, Italy and Germany.

Carrie Frais of MumAbroad, will talk about...

  • Challenges faced when moving abroad
  • Setting up multiple businesses
  • How does MumAbroad help?
  • What happens when returning to work after children?
  • Why it's not always #livingthedream
  • Dealing with loss of identity and grief
  • Top tips for making the move
  • The costs of having a business


Buying, Renting and Home Finance

Finding your property, selecting a bank, choosing a mortgage and insurance. Ho do you choose your lawyer and accountant and how you change money can make big difference to your finances? These are all better done when you know more about what they offer. Here we meet some top property, law and finance professionals who want you to have the best advice.

Nikki Powles

Country & Equestrian Living


Country and Equestrian Property Finder

If you want to live in the country and if you like horses, Nikki’s gives some invaluable advice on how to find the right property.

Nikki will talk about...

  • Inland compared to the coast.
  • Why inland does is not not isolated?
  • The benefits of using a property finder
  • Finding the best properties
  • Finding the best equestrian properties.
  • your bargaining power
  • My top three tips for buying Inland.
  • Non-Spanish Comunities

Sarah Huntridge

Moving To Spain


Business Development Executive at BTR International

Sarah talks about relocating your personal belongings to Spain - organising the move and when and how to organise your possessions.

Sarah will talk about

  • When to organise?
  • What insurance is required?
  • What to pack?
  • How to value items
  • Storage in Spain?
  • How to find a company?
  • How long does it take?
  • Top Tips

Karen Cochrane

Community Properties in Spain


Chartered Property Administrator and Tax Adviser

Most of us in Spain live in a community property. Karen Cochrane unpacks what this means as 80% of urban property is in a community of owners.

Karen will talk about

  • Life in Tenerife
  • What is a community?
  • The need for an administrator
  • Becoming President
  • Relocating to Spain
  • Creating a business
  • Things to avoid
  • Top Tips

Alvaro Valera

Banking in Spain


Bank Manager

Alvaro talks about the practicalities for non-Spanish people in the Spanish banking system and the innovative solutions of Hola Bank making life easier for expats.


  • Opening accounts
  • Resident and non-resident options
  • Non Residents' mortgages
  • Internet banking
  • Help in 20 languages
  • Hola Bank Program
  • Declarations
  • Residents' mortgages

Ignacio Ortega

Saving Money on Currency Transferrs


Director for Currencies Direct in Spain

Ignacio talks about changing money between currencies with a transparent online system with no transfer fees and no hidden charges that will save you money.

Ignacio will talk about

  • How they change money
  • Level 1. Dun & Bradstreet
  • An Amazing Online System
  • Transparent
  • Spots, Forwards, Limits and Watches
  • How We Are Regulated
  • Getting the Best Rate
  • Spots, Forwards, Limits and Watches

Laura Wood

Buying Inland Property


Inland Property Specialist

Laura talks about finding, buying & renovating property inland, particularly around Málaga but most of the principles apply anywhere.

Laura will talk about...

  • Building Regulations
  • The Buying Process
  • Types of Land
  • Market and Trends
  • Rennovation Projects
  • The Inland lifestyle
  • Vacation or permenant home
  • Learning Spanish

Alison de Cotta

Getting a Spanish Mortgage


Finance Specialist at Mortgage Matters Spain

Alison talks about mortgages for non-Spanish clients from the beginning of the purchase process to the point where they get their key.

Alison will talk about

  • Tax Procedure on leaving
  • Documents to bring with you
  • Getting the residencia card
  • Being a tax resident or non-tax resident
  • Being partially resident
  • Do I need an Accountant / Gestor?
  • Tax on World Earnings
  • Common mistakes


Home Design, Build and Survey

Designing and building your own dream property in Spain needs specialist advice. Anything other than a new build property should be surveyed before purchase. The rewards for getting this right are massive. Listening to the wisdom of our experts you will see why their advice is invaluable.

Jonathon Moreels

Building and Renovating in Spain


British and Spanish Architect

Jonathon talks about residential architectural design and development in Spain, the classifications and permissions needed, how to get the best value and avoid ‘surprises’.

Jonathon will talk about...

  • The role of an architect
  • Planning and the town hall
  • Permissions for ANY work
  • National and local rules
  • New Build
  • Land Classification
  • Getting Value
  • Top Three Tips

Campbell Ferguson

Valuation and Surveying in Spain


Property Valuer and Building Surveyor

Campbell talks about the importance of surveys and valuations, typical building defects and some important advice to anyone buying or building a property in Spain.

Campbell will talk about...

  • Important information about planning
  • Inspections and Surveys
  • Lawyers Do Not Measure
  • Building Defects
  • Advice For Buyers
  • Renovate Or Build?
  • Market Value Reports in English
  • Top Tips

Marina Nitzak

Advise For Property Buyers And Investors


Personal Property Shopper For Buyers

Marina talks about the property and investment market generally and particularly finding your investment or home using some of real estate's best kept secrets.

Marina will talk about...

  • Finance and mortgage options
  • Financial advisory
  • Real estate´s best-kept secrets
  • What are ‘the buyer's interests’
  • The property buying process
  • Real estate´s best-kept secrets
  • Some Golden Visa Investments
  • Making the property buying process less problematic

John Wolfendale

Building Energy Efficient Homes in Spain


Chartered Surveyor

John helps people build beautiful energy efficient homes designed for life in Spain and offers us some key advice about costs, sites, permissions and building.

John will talk about...

  • Advantage of building your own
  • Average prices
  • Cost calculations
  • Rules of Thumb
  • Choosing a site
  • Regulations and Land category
  • Negotiations
  • Saving the developer and agents margin


Work and Business in Spain and Online

If you are thinking of setting up your business in Spain or building an online business that allows you to work from Spain, then you will enjoy these conversations with our digital nomads and the Spain business experts.

Alistair Spence Clarke

Doing Business in Spain


FCA Accountant Specialist in Spain

Alistair talks about being self-employed and the one reason to start a company in Spain, company structures and the road through the red tape.

Alistair will talk about...

  • The Raw Facts
  • Social security and tax for self employed
  • Tax filings for the self employed
  • Why set up a company
  • Accounting and tax for companies
  • Social security and tax for company directors
  • Setting up as an employer
  • Labour regulations and working conditions

Neil Hesketh

Business Development in Spain


Registered Chartered Marketer

Neil talks about how English speaking companies can adapt their marketing for the Spanish market to improve their business integration and success rates.

Neil will talk about...

  • The need for an integration specialist
  • Things you should consider first
  • The importance of market research in Spain
  • The language barrier
  • The opportunities that exist
  • Recommendations for starting a business here
  • Translation or publicity materials
  • Getting local clients

Anke Herrmann

You Are The Key To Your Business


Transformational Coach for Entrepreneurs

Anke can help you to nurture your entrepreneurial qualities to consciously create your perfect business, by looking at entrepreneurship from the inside out.

Anke will talk about...

  • Understanding the key is YOU.
  • Finding the time
  • Deal with lack of understanding
  • Get out of the 'manic to panic' mode
  • Cultural differences
  • Finding support
  • Choosing your location
  • Cultural differences

Tiina Wilén

Digital Transformation


Digital Coach

Tiina Willen helps professionals package their knowledge and experience into expertise and that expertise into a concept that sells.

Tiina will talk about...

  • Types of online business
  • Package and sell online courses
  • Launch a physical product
  • Market effectively
  • Social media platforms
  • What to sell
  • Service as a product
  • Marketing

Nicola Erlich

A Holiday Home Business


Holiday Rental Industry Expert

Nicola helps people to legally rent out their holiday homes, finding the clients, giving the best value and protecting their investment.

Nicola will talk about...

  • Legal requirements
  • Variations in the regions
  • Registration
  • Requirements
  • Industry trends
  • Rental Management
  • Taxation on rental
  • Marketing

Barbara Riedel

Working Anywhere


Travel Blogger and Digital Nomad.

Barbara talks about being a digital nomad moving around the world a month at a time whilst copywriting, translating, ghostwriting and online trading.

Barbara will talk about...

  • Top tips for moving a business online
  • How can you become ‘Nomadic’?
  • Research before moving country?
  • Thoughts about finding a community in Spain?
  • Choosing Locations
  • Nomadic social life
  • Types of work for Digital Nomads
  • Online Communities

Jo Bendle

Making An Online Business in Spain


Productivity Coach and Digital Nomad

Jo talks about how to be productive as a digital nomad and creating/running an online business when human nature often resists self-imposed structure.

Jo will talk about...

  • Why be a digital nomad?
  • Why Spain?
  • Creating and running an online business
  • Finding local friends when you work online?
  • Tips about living as a digital nomad
  • The planning and attitude
  • Client generating activities, offline and online
  • Making work feel great

Georgina Shaw

Marketing In Spain


Marketing and PR Consultant

Georgina talks about marketing for a business in Spain, how marketing different in Spain, what works well here, doing the research and creating budgets

Georgina will talk about...

  • Marketing in Spain
  • Spanish Sytle
  • Niche Marketing
  • Language desisions
  • Print Media
  • Online Media
  • What Works Here
  • Names, Logo, Identiry
  • Top Tips

Joanna Styles

Being Self Employed in Spain


Writer and Guide Publisher

Joanna Styles freelance writer and founder of Guide to Malaga. Joanna has lived in Spain for more than 30 years and contributes to Fodor's Travel Guides

Joanna will talk about...

  • Tell us your Spain story
  • How did you find your niche?
  • Life as an automono
  • Application process
  • Creating an App
  • Creating an online business
  • How long does it take?
  • Top Tips

Molly Sears-Piccavey

Working in Spain


Business Owner and Blogger

Molly has worked in Spain since 1998 and is now in the luxury tourism and events business. For ten years she has written award-winning blogs on Andalucia and Spanish culture.

Molly will talk about...

  • Corporate Life
  • Business Culture
  • Work opportunities
  • Integration
  • Starting a business
  • Granada
  • Where to live
  • Top Tips


Lifestyle: Living in Spain

When you change countries there are adjustments to be made, differences, culture, customs, language and above all you. The preparation and adjustments that you can make will all be easier to understand when you listen to our experts talk about the huge number of things you can get right, to get the most out of your life in Spain.

Natasha Mason

Learning Spanish


Language Teacher

Natasha will speak about learning Spanish, why it is important, how long it takes, how it helps your integration and why you can do it.

Natasha will talk about...

  • Time to learn Spanish?
  • Family learning
  • Supporting children at Spanish school
  • Language to integrate into Spanish society?
  • Options to learn Spanish?
  • Learning and Practising
  • Spanish for entertainment
  • Top tips for learning Spanish

Maria Arredondo

The Inner Move


Transition and Business Coach

Maria talks about how a move abroad needs many preparations and a part that is often neglected; the ``inner preparation``.

Maria will talk about...

  • Balancing property, schools and work
  • ``External preparation``.
  • ``Inner preparation``.
  • Growth Factors
  • Creating your community
  • Other important elements to consider.
  • Adapting
  • Creating your life, slowly

Esme Fegan

TESOL Teacher of English Teachers


Teacher of Language Teachers

Esme talks about “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” courses and the amazing opportunities it offers for travel and work in Spain.

Esme will talk about...

  • Courses available
  • A typical 4 or 8 week course
  • The Costs
  • What are the career opportunities?
  • How difficult is it?
  • Course preperation needed
  • Being ‘excited’ about the course

Rachel Smets

A Single Person Abroad


Clarity Coach, TEDx Speaker

Rachel helps people settle to a new culture and create amazing experiences by being aware of the cultural competence and sensitivity.

Rachel will talk about

  • Living Abroad as a Single
  • The 4 Stages of Moving Abroad
  • Avoiding Homesickness
  • Meeting People
  • Explore Your Surroundings
  • Language Learning
  • Tips to settle in
  • How to find and meet people quickly

Rachel Smets

Culture and Spain


Clarity Coach, TEDx Speaker

Rachel talks about culture and avoiding the shocks it can bring, specifically Spanish culture and some great tips for integration.

Rachel will talk about

  • Cultural
  • Culture Shock
  • Know About Culture
  • Observe
  • Learn
  • Spanish Culture
  • Learn Some Language
  • Meet People