Empowerment For Your New Life In Spain

  • What would you need to know?
  • What did others find out?
  • How is Spain Different?
  • How can you save money?
  • What do the ‘locals’ know
  • What should be avoided
  • Why minimise the risk?
  • How do you integrate?
  • How do you get free advice?
  • What are the common pitfalls? 
  • Who would you ask?
  • What should you ask them?

From the experiences of thousands of Costa Women members moving to Spain, we found that research is the key to success.  Because we believe that information should be collected and available to benefit people moving here, we found the experts and asked the questions for you.  We added this with other important information about living in Spain and called it….


  • buying a property
  • the school system
  • setting up a business
  • business in Spain
  • retirement planning
  • renting a vacation home
  • property surveys
  • legal advice
  • social life
  • building a home
  • learning Spanish
  • healthcare
  • taxation
  • where to live
  • … and much more

You can save on travelling to random meetings with these value-packed conversations with people ‘in the know’.  They all want your move to be a success.


Experience of Others

From the experiences of thousands of Costa Women members, we have identified what goes right and wrong when moving to Spain.  These include ill-advised decisions, failure to research, or unknown bureaucracy.


How Did it Happen?

For some, the move and adjustment to Spain can be a smooth and wonderful experience. For others, perhaps not; with plenty of people ready to ask ‘why did they not ask someone’ or ‘how come they did not know?’



When you meet someone with the knowledge that you need, they may have an interest in selling you something and give their advice accordingly.  It is important to know ‘for whose benefit is this advice being given? 


What to Ask?

We asked what you should know before moving or investing in Spain.  We framed the questions and advice that you would need to cover the main points of your new life.  


Who to Ask

We interviewed the experts on life in Spain, each with an average of 20+ years of living here, specialist knowledge, a first-class reputation and a desire to help. 


No Strings

This free advice is given to help you.  If you wish to contact any of our experts you can, but you do not have to; their advice is given for your benefit.


Packed With Insights

Our expert interviews are indispensable and our stories about life in Spain are loaded with valuable information about how Spain can work for you. 



This information is usually only shared with the expert’s clients. The stories about people’s experiences in Spain are only normally told to their friends.  


Amazing Value

We have saved that need, time and cost of meetings, that can be calculated.  The value of the advice, in the saving it could make you is incalculable. 



Ali Meehan is Social Entrepreneur and Founder of award-winning Costa Women, the largest social networking community for Women living in, or planning on moving to Spain. Costa Women won Best of British Social Club by The Telegraph and Expat Stars award from MyCurrencyTransfer.

Included in Top 101 Feisty, Fun And Fabulous Women Bloggers To Follow by Birds on the Blog. Ali was also highlighted as a top Twitter account for expat advice by The Telegraph and has a social media reach of 30,000+. Ali is a founding member of Typical Non-Spanish, a group which celebrates all that is good about life in Spain. Spain is where Ali has now settled after traveling the globe over the last 20 years and working in Australia, the Middle East, and Asia.


Tiina Wilen is a serial entrepreneur with a specialty in building concepts and brands that stand out. Through her company, AvenueCoach.com, Tiina helps smart and driven, mostly women-owned small businesses transform their offerings online, create highly selling business concepts, get more clients through strategic digital marketing, sell with integrity and scale with confidence.

Tiina was born in Finland and now lives in Sweden with her Swedish husband and two small children. She has been an expat for 20 years and been previously lived and worked in Shanghai and during short periods in Greece. The Wilen family is planning to move to Spain in the near future… (but that’s a secret)