John Wolfendale

  • British qualified Chartered Surveyor with 25 years of experience living and working in Spain.
  • Commercial director of Eco Vida Homes a Design and Build company helps people build beautiful energy efficient homes designed for Mediterranean living
  • Joint author of a course in sustainable development for delivery in London (2015)

We help people build beautiful energy efficient homes designed for Mediterranean living.

Building your Forever Home in Spain the Energy Efficient way

At Eco Vida Homes we believe that everyone should have a thoughtfully designed, energy efficient, home.

We also believe that the home building industry in Spain simply isn’t responding to the needs of the Northern European who wants to build a home in Spain.

My talk is about designing and building energy efficient homes because energy efficiency makes sense from every angle. An energy efficient home is more comfortable, has lower running costs, and is increasingly more valuable.

An energy efficient home also helps eliminate the use of fossil fuels that is damaging the environment and this is a wonderful free side effect.

You don’t have to give anything up. They don’t cost any more than an energy inefficient home built to the same standard. They can have glass walls that face the views, deep shaded outside spaces, swimming pools and all mod cons. The fact is that all responsible architects and builders should be designing and building energy efficient homes.

We are also about challenging accepted practices in design and construction in Southern Spain. We are helpful from the word go. We try to demystify the whole process. We focus on what you want not some high minded version of what we think you should want. We don’t accept hidden commissions.

Not surprisingly we count many property professionals amongst our clients.

We would love to make your home a shining example of what we can do.



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